Our students are the beating heart of the initiative. They come from diverse backgrounds and commute to the studio every weekday from all over Lebanon, including Palestinian refugee camps, Saida, Chouf, Tripoli, and Bourj Hammoud. Our students share an aptitude for design and demonstrate a commitment to hard work. Creative Space Beirut offers these talented young individuals a unique opportunity into design education and the design industry.

Current Students

Ahmad Abdullatif

Class of 2019
Akkar, Lebanon
June 13, 1995

"Fashion for me is a vehicle for expression, it helps me understand my thoughts and emotions, and to make sense of and exhibit my point of view towards life."

Click to see Ahmad Abdullatif's 2018 Collection

Amir Al Kasm

Class of 2019

Damascus, Syria
April 5, 2000

"I study fashion design not just because of a love of clothes. It is a passion. It helps me understand and express my feelings. I want to put my emotions into my designs. I want to leave an imprint in the world of design."

Click to see Amir Al Kasm's 2018 Collection

Najah Raya

Class of 2019

Baalbek, Lebanon
April 20, 1994

"I think fashion design contains the best of all worlds; self expression, delivering a message, making a change, and making people feel something. It is a form of art in which the canvases are of limitless options."

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Joe Koueik

Class of 2020

Araya, Lebanon
February 3, 1999

"Already, I have learned so much from my mentors and from the students in 2nd and 3rd year. I've also grown a lot myself. I have more confidence in my work, and in presenting it to others, and am developing my own style."

Joyce Jawhar

Class of 2020

Anfeh, Lebanon
August 25, 1993

"Creative Space Beirut gave me a healthy, constructive daily routine and has broadened my horizons. Everyday, I learn something new from each member of the Creative Space family. I consider myself to be super lucky to be a part of this experience and learn from all these great teachers I encounter every day. Now, I look at design as a life journey, and just not an occupation."

Minas Oghloukian

Class of 2020
Beirut, Lebanon
March 25, 1998

"Being a part of Creative Space Beirut has helped me develop my beliefs, ideas and concepts. It has changed my perspective on fashion and design, and allowed me to learn in an environment full of beautiful souls who push my boundaries and limitations."

Sarine Varouj

Class of 2020

Hankesh, Lebanon
July 9, 1996

"Creative Space Beirut has become my second home, along with a big loving family. I'm learning everything I was hoping to learn and more - not just about design, but about presentation, attitude, self respect, and teamwork."

Anis El Jamal

Class of 2021

Homs, Syria
June 12, 1995

“Creative Space helped me discover new aspects of my identity. Fashion is a different type of canvas - the only difference between fashion and a canvas is that you can literally wear your thoughts, feelings and art.”

Joseph Kiwan

Class of 2021
Fraidis, Lebanon
November 25, 1997

“Being part of the Creative Space Beirut family is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I’m so grateful for. It’s helping me grow and learn every day - not only as a designer, but also as a person.”

Mariam Al Bazzal

Class of 2021
Baalbek, Lebanon
April 5, 1997

“Creative Space Beirut feels like the right place for me to be in order to improve my abilities and make my dream a reality.”

Michel Sabbagh

Class of 2021

Damascus, Syria
November 22, 1995

“Creative Space Beirut is a new world for me, as it is here I can show my thoughts and feelings in a way I never thought of before. I became part of a family with my colleagues who continue to fill me with support and love.”

Olivia Kaassamani

Class of 2021
Baakleen, Lebanon
October 7, 1995

“Fashion for me isn’t just about making clothes, it is a passion. Creative Space Beirut helped me to follow my passion and express my feelings and thoughts. I consider myself lucky to be part of this family.”

Safa’a Al-Bardeni

Class of 2021
Gaza, Palestine
November 12, 1998

“I found a family within Creative Space Beirut, and my perception of fashion has changed since joining the community here. I thought fashion was only about fabric and sewing, but the truth is that every piece should have a story and meaning behind it.”

Ziad Serhan

Class of 2021

Safad, Palestine
August 19, 1999

“I’m on my way to achieving my dreams in a place I call home with colleagues that are like my second family. Through fashion, I’ve learned that beauty can come through both simplicity and sustainability.”


Independent Graduates

These students completed the program in its earlier years, before the curriculum was solidified.

Baraa Al Abdallah

Class of 2014
Saida, Lebanon
April 20, 1991

Click to see Baraa Al Abdallah's 2014 Collection

Nourhan Abdellatif

Class of 2014
Beirut, Lebanon
October 11, 1994

Click to see Nourhan Abdellatif's 2014 Collection

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