Creative Space Beirut
School of Design

Each year students are provided with courses and workshops by a dynamic team of local and international designers and artists. Using the concepts and skills acquired during these classes, they design and execute pieces which are exhibited and sold in public exhibitions at the end of the year. 100% of the proceeds from the sales are reinvested in the educational program.


Amir Al KasmFabrics: Chiffon, Satin, Linen, Wool, Poplin, Leather, Denim, Power-Net

Color Palette: Black, Shades of Grey, Dark Blue, Petroleum Hues, Red, Pink, Yellow, White

Techniques: Hand Painting, Hand Dye, Embroidery, Digital Printing, Pleating

Accessories are handmade by hardening thread on gem stones and beads. Hats made with tulle and digitally printed fabric, layered by hand

Najah Raya
Fabrics: Organza, Crepe Voile, Satin Brocard, Denim, Poplin, Velvet, Chiffon, Taffeta

Color Palette: Lime Green, White, Purple, Violet, Pink, Fuchsia

Techniques:  Hand Printing, Embroidery, Shredding, Smocking, Burning Organza by Hand

Ahmad Abdullatif Fabrics: Taffeta, Chiffon, Denim, Poplin, Organza.

Color Palette: Purple, Yellow, Orange, Black

Techniques:  Digital Printing, Hand Painting, Embroidery, Color Blocking


Ibrahim Fakhereldeen
Fabrics: Silk, Cotton, Satin, Lace

Color Palette: Black, Green, Pink, Blue, Orange

Techniques: Handmade Fringes, Tailoring, Draping, Silicone Glue Gun

Eman Bou Omar

Fabrics: Organza, Nylon, Cotton, Carbon Fiber

Color Palette: White, Purple, Blue, Neon Pink

Techniques: Draping, Tailoring, Rouching

Ahmad Abdullatif

Fabrics: Nylon, Sequins, Cotton

Color Palette: Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow

Techniques: Draping, Fringing, Shredding

Amir Al Kasm

Fabrics: Silk, Cotton

Color Palette: Grey, Brick Red, White, Olive

Techniques: Felting, Embroidery, Beading, Led Melting

Najah Raya
Fabrics: Silk, Cotton, Wool

Color Palette: Yellow, Blue, Pink

Techniques: Embroidery, Knitting, Crochet


Ahmed Amer

Fabrics: Silk, Crêpe, Cotton, Neoprene, Satin, Canvas, Poplin, Chiffon, Cotton Net, Jersey, Linen

Color Palette: Black, White, Red, Olive

Techniques: Embroidery, Beading

Hazem Kais
Fabrics: Cotton Canvas, Jersey, Cotton, Tulle, Organza, Nylon, Poplin, Étamine de Laine

Color Palette: Black, White, Grey, Off White, Blue Paint, Black Paint, Charcoal

Techniques: Crack Hand-Paint, Brush Strokes, Scratched Textile, Rubber Roll Stamp, Fabric Paint Rolling, Paint Splash, Soaped Ink, Shrinked Textile

Ibrahim Fakhereldeen

Fabrics: Crêpe, Tulle, Chiffon, Pleated Chiffon, Wool, Jersey

Color Palette: Black, Off White, Mustard

Techniques: Embroidery, Draping

Eman Bou Omar

Fabrics: Powernet, Cotton, Wool, Jersey

Color Palette: Black, Nude, Pink, Olive, Purple, Green

Techniques: Fabric Shredding, Threading

Amir Al Kasm
Fabrics: Chiffon, Organza, Crêpe

Color Palette: Off White, Blush Pink

Techniques: Hand-Layering, Shredding, Hand Printing, Handmade Accessories

Ahmad Abdullatif

Fabrics: Jersey, Nylon

Color Palette: Black, Olive, Navy, Burgundy, Gold, Yellow

Techniques: Shredding, Hand Painting, Appliques, Hand Stitching

Najah Raya
Fabrics: Linen, Tulle, Suede

Color Palette: Black, Blue, Purple,Teal, Gold

Techniques: Patchwork, Painting on Fabric


Aline Seukunian

Fabrics: Cotton Lycra, Jersey, Cotton Crepe de Chine, Mohair Satin Crepe Cotton, Linen, Leather, Knit

Color Palette: Black, Dim Gray, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Forest green, Washed Denim, Powder Blue, Wasabi Green, Goldenrod, Dark Goldenrod

Techniques: Shredding, Knotting, Color Blocking, Patchwork

Fatima Nourelddine

Fabrics: Wool, Mohair, Nylon, Shiny Gabardine, Crepe

Color Palette: Black, Gray, Dark Gray, Dark Mustard

Techniques: Crochet, Patchwork, Cording

Heba Nahle

Fabrics: Polyester Lycra, Linen Leather, Crepe, Silk Chiffon, Neoprene, Cotton Lycra, Cotton Knit

Color Palette: Black, Dim Gray, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Forest Green, Washed Denim, Powder Blue, Wasabi Green, Goldenrod, Dark Goldenrod

Techniques: Shredding, Knotting,Color Blocking, Patchwork

Roni Helou
Fabrics: Jersey coated with Acrylic, Jersey, Rib Knit, Poplin, Crepe, Textured Silk, Denim

Color Palette: Black, White, Mustard, Brown-Green, Green-Gray, Dark Blue

Techniques: Crackle painting over fabric

Ahmed Amer
Fabrics: Neoprene, Crêpe georgette, Crêpe, Cotton, Organza, Jersey, Velvet

Color Palette: Black, Silver, Gray, Gold, Navy Blue, Off White

Techniques: Hand Embroidery, Painting on Fabric, Sculpting, Ruching

Hazem Kais
Fabrics: Silk, Crêpe, Shiny Nylon, Neoprene, Satin

Color Palette: Black, Charcoal, Brick Red, Crimson, Red, Burgundy, Olive Green

Techniques: Hand-dyeing, Painted Fabric, Stuffed and Stitched


Hazem Kais

Fabrics: Cotton, Jersey, Wool, Silk

Color Palette: Black, Grey

Techniques: Piping, Patchwork, Draping

Ahmed Amer
Fabrics: Powernet, Lycra, Cotton, Satin, Organza, Crêpe

Color Palette: White, Pastel Pink, Nude

Techniques: Embroidery, Draping

Roni Helou
Fabrics: Latex, Lycra Dentelle, Jersey, Mohair, Crêpe, Sequin, Tulle, Organza, Embroidered Organza, Etamine de Laine

Color Palette: Black, Greyish Beige, Electric Blue, Grey, Silver

Techniques: Felting, Shrinking

Aline Seukunian
Fabrics: Cotton, Lycra, Crêpe, Silk

Color Palette: Khaki, Olive

Techniques: Gathering, Color Blocking

Fatima Nourelddine
Fabrics: Linen, Cotton, Crêpe

Color Palette:Blue, Grey, Green, Black

Techniques: Embroidery, Patchwork, Padding, Cut-out

Rola Mezher
Fabrics: Cotton, Burlap, Jersey, Linen, Silk

Color Palette: Beige, White, Grey

Techniques: Color Blocking, Rope, Embroidery

Heba Nahle
Fabrics: Cotton, Nylon, Latex, Jersey

Color Palette: Grey, Black, Blue

Techniques: Color Blocking, Origami


Aline Seukunian
Fabrics: Organza, Cotton, Silk Chiffon

Color Palette: Black, Blue, Purple, Beige, Pink

Techniques: Color Blocking, Knitting, Origami

Baraa Al Abdallah
Fabrics: Tulle, Silk, Crêpe

Color Palette: Brown, Black, Grey

Techniques: Draping, Color Blocking, Volume

Fatima Nourelddine
Fabrics: Silk, Cotton

Color Palette: Black, White, Red, Navy

Techniques: Draping, Embroidery, Shredding

Heba Nahle
Fabrics: Cotton, Satin, Silk

Color Palette: Beige, Black, White, Brown, Red

Techniques: Crochet, Draping

Nourhan Abdellatif
Fabrics: Cotton, Nylon, Silk

Color Palette: Blue, Beige, Grey

Techniques: Embroidery, Color Blocking, Draping

Rola Mezher
Fabrics: Nylon, Cotton, Wool, Denim, Silk, Tafeta

Color Palette: Black, Red, Grey, Blue, Brown

Techniques: Knitting, Volume, Color Blocking, Gathering

Roni Helou
Fabrics: Crêpe, Cotton, Silk, Lace, Satin,

Color Palette: Black, White, Grey, Beige, Blue

Techniques: Volume