Creative Space Beirut is a free school in fashion design providing quality creative design education to talented individuals who lack the resources to pursue a degree at increasingly costly institutions of higher learning.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and commute to the studio from all corners of Lebanon, including Palestinian refugee camps, Saida, Chouf, Tripoli, and Bourj Hammoud. They do not have the means to pursue an education or career in fashion design; however, they share a talent and aptitude for design and demonstrate a commitment to hard work. Creative Space Beirut offers these talented, young individuals a unique opportunity into design education as well as the design industry. Creative Space Beirut aims to make design education accessible to those with vision, flair, and the driving impulse to create.  
Creative Space Beirut runs as a three-year program. The students produce garments that are showcased and sold in a public exhibition at the end of each year. 100% of the proceeds generated by sales are reinvested in the school.
During their enrollment, students are provided with a comprehensive creative and practical education. The curriculum focuses on experiential learning, which enriches educational training and precipitates real-life experience.
The school’s curriculum turns away from compartmentalized classes, embedding essential technical skills into the creative process to encourage a holistic understanding of design. Through alternative and progressive educational methods, the school has created an innovative space that fosters dialogue between its diverse students, nurtures and advances their talent, helps them turn their passions into solid skills, and encourages forward thinking design. Upon completing the program, students will have compiled an extensive portfolio and are assisted in finding work opportunities.

Creative Space Beirut was founded in June 2011 by Parsons graduate, Sarah Hermez, and her former Parsons professor, Caroline Simonelli.


Creative Space Beirut is dedicated to fostering and supporting young design talent through an ecosystem of free education and work experience that facilitates equal opportunity into the design industry.  


We aim to grow into a multi-disciplinary and socially conscious design institution that is self-sustainable through the success of our ethical, in-house brands.


Consciousness - Each of our actions affects the world around us. Consciousness means being aware of how we contribute to the world. This includes transparency, ethical practices, sustainable production, and equal opportunity.

Education  - Education allows a person a chance to rise to their potential and to become well-rounded members of society. We believe in the ubiquitous right to free education.

Quality - Any product that goes into the oversaturated market should promise quality, the fullest potential of its intended design and function.

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