Najah Raya 3rd Year / Class of 2019


This collection sheds light on hospice care: a form of medical care that provides assistanc to terminally ill patients by way of medical, psychological and social care. The service aims to make patients’ last days as peaceful and dignified as possible.  
The collection explores the dualities that appear at the end of the life of a terminally ill patient; boldness and delicacy, activity and serenity, hope and acceptance, vibrancy and simplicity. Ultimately, the collection expresses the somber beauty of such moments. Conveyed through edgy structures on one hand, and draping romantic silhouettes on the other, these dualities are evident throughout the collection.
Glimpses of pain are represented through vivid hand prints and hand-burnt organza, while shredding, smocking and embroidery symbolize the soothing effect that the hospice has in the final days. The collection's palette is vibrant with pinks, purples, violets and greens present throughout. A striking characteristic, bright lime green hue ties the collection together, while white portrays the purity and clinical aspects that come with hospice care.

Photography: Tarek Moukaddem
Hair and Make up: Moe Rida
Model: Kristina Karakoz

Fabrics: Organza Crepe Voile, Satin Brocard, Denim, Poplin, Velvet, Chiffon, Taffeta. 

Color Palette: Lime Green, White, Purple, Violet, Pink, Fuchsia.

Techniques: Hand printing, Embroidery, Shredding, Smocking, Burning Organza by Hand.

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Look 3

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