Amir Al Kasm 1st Year / Class of 2019


Floating effortlessly in the sheer waters, a jellyfish reigns as one of the most poisonous animals in the world. All this power is uniquely embodied in an apparently fragile, transparent, even sensitive appearance. The paradox innate to this enchanting animal is translated into this collection. Light weight, soft chiffon fabrics create a layered material work resembling a jellyfish's numerous layers, while powdery, off-white shades resemble the animal's elusive colour. The designs speak for themselves, soft, delicate and romantic for a strong, confident woman who flows through the crowd ever so gracefully, while possessing untold power.

Photography: Tarek Moukaddem
Fabrics: Chiffon, organza, crêpe. 

Color Palette: off white, blush pink.

Techniques: hand-layering, shredding, hand printing, handmade accessories.

Look 1
Neckpiece in Gold or White
Look 2

Look 3
Look 4
Look 5

Look 6
Look 7

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