Ahmed Amer 3rd Year / Class of 2017


The inspiration for this collection stems from the ancient Hindu game, Leela, that invokes a vision of an ideal world where virtues and morals are rewarded, while corruption and immorality are punished. The world represented in the designs is a just world, where four essential colors and styles represent primary states: Black for rebellion, red for passion, olive for practicality, and white for a vision of positive authority and utopia.Needles and threads weave stories of the ugly figures of corruption onto the pieces, reminding us of their pervasiveness in our societies.

Photography: Tarek Moukaddem
Fabrics: Silk, Crêpe, Cotton, Neoprene, Satin, Canvas, Poplin, Chiffon, Cotton Net, Jersey, Linen

Color Palette: Red, White, Olive, Black

Techniques: Embroidery, Beading

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