Heba Nahle 3rd Year / Class of 2016


No matter how strong, happy or successful one is, each person passes through phases in their life where their energy is lost, where an old skin is shed, or where things just seem to fall apart – at these times a sense of wholeness is lost. People, whether consciously or not, go through phases of deconstruction, deformation, and eventual reunion with themselves, returning to what they feel is whole. These various phases are represented in the collection through bold volumes, cuts and layering, and the shredding of fabrics which are then re-formed into a whole.

Photography: Tarek Moukaddem
Fabrics: Polyester Lycra, Linen Leather, Crepe, Silk Chiffon, Neoprene, Cotton Lycra, Cotton Knit

Color Palette: Black, Dim Gray, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Forest Green, Washed Denim, Powder Blue, Wasabi Green, Goldenrod, Dark Goldenrod

Techniques: Shredding, Knotting,Color Blocking, Patchwork

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Look 2
Look 3

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