Hazem Kais 2nd Year / Class of 2017

Human Nature

Hazem’s collection draws inspiration from parallels between humans and the powerful forces of nature. The collection tells the story of a volcano, which sits serene in the quietude of its surrounding terrain. But on the inside it is bubbling with fire, with motion and chemical conversations. Similarly, a person is made up of a multitude of layers, the most potent of which are stirring on the inside in deep, emotive movements. The agitation inside a volcano comes to a crux, eventually resulting in destruction, creation and transformation - natural forces which are reflected in human nature. The collection illustrates these ideas through its color story, organic draping, and textures.

In 2015 Creative Space Beirut took part in a collaboration with the concept store 4, based in Kuwait, in which all the students created individual capsule collections. After exhibiting their collections, 4 offered student Hazem Kais a grant to create an exclusive winter collection for them. The store then made their orders, selecting from pieces in his collection, and Hazem began his production process. This firsthand experience in learning how to work with wholesale buyers and direct in house production is an example of how our experiential curriculum enriches educational training and precipitates real-life experience.

Photography: George Rouhana and Tony Elieh
Fabrics: Silk, Crêpe, Shiny Nylon, Neoprene, Satin

Color Palette: Black, Charcoal, Brick Red, Crimson, Red, Burgundy, Olive Green

Techniques: Hand-dyeing, Painted Fabric, Stuffed and stitched

Look 1
Look 2
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Look 4
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