Aline Seukunian 3rd Year / Class of 2016


This collection confronts memory, its vastness and its limitations. A number of pieces are designed in sets of two – a present version and a flashback version. The flashback pieces are made from white linen with particular fabric treatment and raw finishing to give form to the idea of memories as unreliable and incomplete. The garments meant to represent the present undergo various changes or additions from their ‘past’ counterparts, and are given clean cuts and finishing, with added volume and structure to illustrate the clarity of the present.

Photography: Tony Elieh
Fabrics: cotton lycra, jersey, cotton crepe de Chine, mohair satin crepe cotton, linen, leather, knit 

Color Palette: black, dim gray, dark gray, light gray, forest green, washed denim, powder blue, wasabi green, goldenrod, dark goldenrod

Techniques: shredding, knotting, color blocking, patchwork

Look 1
Look 2
Look 3

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