Ahmed Amer 2nd Year / Class of 2017

Celestial Glow

The collection is based on a comparison drawn between the experience of receiving a mother’s love and the light received from the celestial bodies of the sun and moon. A mother’s unconditional love might feel overwhelming. This relentless and powerful love is compared to the harsh light of the sun. The moon, emanating a softer light, is easier on the eyes and often considered more beautiful. But in truth, the moon’s glow is merely a reflection of the sun. This gentle and subtle moonlight is compared to love that grows through accumulating appreciation and need, made clearer by distance. This is translated into the collection through carefully selected rich fabrics and the color story, which starts with dark moonstone colors and gradually brightens into gold and silver. It is also illustrated through the use of detailing such as embroidery and subtle sculpting.

Photography: George Rouhana
Fabrics: Neoprene, Crêpe georgette, Crêpe, Cotton, Organza, Jersey, Velvet

Color Palette: Black, Silver, Gray, Gold, Navy Blue, Off White

Techniques: Hand Embroidery, Painting on Fabric, Sculpting, Ruching

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