Ahmed Amer 1st Year / Class of 2017


Inspired by the complexity of women, the collection SHE is made up of multi-layered compositions and organic and voluminous silhouettes. Lines: straight, curved and interconnected are used through embroidery and felting representing the women’s intricate emotional networks. The pale, muted colors indicate innate femininity, contrasting with the thick, sometimes rough fabrics that give strength and attitude. SHE includes a variety of draped and sculpted pieces, embodying the soft and hard aspects that society demands of women.

Photography: Fouad Tadros
Fabrics: Powernet, Lycra, Cotton, Satin, Organza, Crêpe

Color Palette: White, Pastel Pink, Nude

Techniques: Embroidery, Draping

Look 1
Look 2
Look 3

Look 4
Look 5
Look 6

Look 7
Look 8
Look 9

Look 10

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